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Helping You Choose An Affordable Cartier

Cartier. Ah!! That’s the momentous sigh that many a fine lover of jewelry and watches will be letting out every time they hear that legendary name being uttered, or seeing it in print or on screen. To them, it all glitters. But that is all, because up to recently, most avid lovers of such luxury could not have afforded it.

Why choose Cartier? It is still one of the most iconic brands in the world today, purveyors of fine jewelry and wristwatches and more. Yes, the house of Cartier is also manufacturing perfumes and cosmetics as well as a range of exclusive clothing lines, shoes and handbags. This does make sense. No fine Cartier watch can be without it’s wearer’s full décolletage.

But is it not sad. Yes, it’s sad that you may not be able to afford any one of those fine cartier watches you’ve been coveting for quite some time. But more sad is this. The range of fake or imitation Cartier watches doing the rounds these days is horrendous, and in more ways than one. And you can hardly be a collector or fan if you’re going to settle for something that’s less than the best. It’s Cartier or nothing. It’s that simple, really.

Where to go to find a Cartier watch, a real Cartier, is always going to be difficult, particularly if you do not have the budget for this kind of luxury. But if it means that much to you and you would really like to be a collector someday, you can work towards this. Never mind the knock-offs and cheats. Indeed, don’t worry about the snooty snotty sales clerks in the most exclusive parts of town that just give you the once over and look at you as though you’ve just crawled out from under the gutter.

At least you’ve got a mortgage to work with, and have you seen where some of these clerks stay. They may be selling, or trying to, the world’s most expensive collections of jewelry and watches, but they aren’t making nearly enough to settle their rent for their one-roomed apartments without having to forego the luxuries they like. And it’s not a Cartier watch. They can’t afford it. But you can.

And you want to know how? Like this. Here’s a neat suggestion. Why not join a club? There’s two kinds of clubs you can join. The first club is obvious. This is the club where all the collectors like to hang out at. But then there’s this club. It’s not retail, it’s not wholesale, and there are certainly no knockoffs at this kind of club. For lack of a better name to give it at this time, it’s called a buyers and watchmakers ‘club. Members discuss and trade. No, they do not trade in watches, well, they do do that but only when the time is right. First the important things like engaging in lengthy discussions on how the latest range of Cartier watches were designed and built.

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